Time to prepare for the 2020 Cookie program!

In this Troop Cookie Manager Training, you will learn all the tools and steps and become a successful manager for the program.

You can start or stop the training at any time, but this training must be completed before you are given troop materials from your Service Unit Cookie Manager.

Please refer back to any of the chapters throughout the cookie program as reminders of what's to come.

When your training is complete, you will unlock the completion certificate. This certificate will be unique to you and must be printed out and turned into your Service unit Cookie Manager in exchange for your troop's materials.

Our welcome session introduces you to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience as well as some basic policies and procedures you need to know to create a safe space for the girls in your troop and guide them in planning amazing experiences. Each training segment is 7 or 8 minutes long, the entire training will take approximately 45 minutes, if you choose to complete it all at once.